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New reporting structure from Q2

As of second quarter 2009 Hydro’s reporting structure will be adjusted to reflect the changes made in Hydro’s organization and corporate management during first half 2009. The company has prepared a preliminary overview of historical financial information for the new reporting segments for the period first quarter 2007 to first quarter 2009. The presentation is attached.

The Aluminium Metal segment is split into Primary Metal, with responsibility for all of Hydro’s aluminium metal plants, primary casthouses as well as for bauxite and alumina, and Metal Markets, which will be responsible for metal sales, recycling, remelting and trading.

The Aluminium Products segment is split into Rolled Products, responsible for Hydro’s rolling mills, and Extruded Products, which will include profiles, building systems and automotive.

The solar activities will be moved from Energy to the corporate function for strategy and business development and consequently reported as part of Corporate and Other.

There will also be minor changes in the allocation of certain overhead costs as a result of the new structure. Certain eliminations previously recorded at the Aluminium Metal and Aluminium Products segment level will be moved to Corporate and Other.

Hydro is scheduled to release the second quarter results on July 22 at 07:30 CET.

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