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The annual IR Global Ranking, organized by the US-based consultancy firm MZ Consult, is regarded as the most comprehensive system for ranking companies' IR websites, corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures.

This year Hydro received three awards:

  • TOP 1 Corporate Governance Practices in the Basic Materials Industry
  • TOP 5 Financial Disclosure Procedures in Europe
  • TOP 1 Financial Disclosure Procedures in the Basic Materials Industry 

Stringent evaluation

"The top ranking is an acknowledgement of the good work being done by everyone who contributes to Hydro's financial reporting and investor-related activities," says Stefan Solberg, head of the Investor Relations unit in Hydro.

"We are very proud to have performed so well in a detailed and stringent evaluation of our informational activities targeted towards the financial community. These results inspire us to continously improve all aspects of our communication with financial analysts and investors."

MZ Consult’s evaluation takes place during December every year. An independent committee oversees and reviews the findings and final rankings, before the results are published a few months later.

The IR Global Rankings are sponsored by KPMG, Arnold & Porter, The Bank of New York Mellon, Bloomberg and PR Newswire.

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