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The prize was received by finance and communication representatives of Hydro at a ceremony at Thon Hotel Bristol in Oslo.

"The Farmand Prize, as well as the Stockman Prize recently awarded Hydro by The Norwegian Society of Financial Analysts, is a major recognition of all those who contribute to the annual report – from the board of directors and corporate and business area management to units for accounting and financial reporting, investor relations and communication," says Stefan Solberg, head of Investor Relations in Hydro.

The concept, content and design of Hydro's 2008 annual report was developed nearly in its entirety with the use of internal resources – both with regard to the printed version and the web version. 

Jury: "A phenomenal report"

"Hydro has again presented a phenomenal annual report," concludes the Farmand Prize jury.

"The analytical information, as well as the presentation of business activities and the information targeted at stockholders, is exceptionally good. Also, the business outlook information is presented in a very thorough manner," the jury states.

The jury also points to the annual report's precise figures for Hydro's environmental performance and ambitions. The jury says that it is "impressed once again" by the report's chapter about governance and business control systems.    

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