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After completing high school, undergraduate and graduate degrees in the U.K., Christine assumed, like most of her classmates, that she’d work in the financial sector.

“I never thought about working in an industrial company at all, but when I looked at Hydro and saw what they had to offer graduates, I thought this is a company I really want to work for. The aluminium industry was a new challenge beyond what I had studied at university.”

Why Hydro?

Why Hydro specifically? “I’m fascinated that Hydro has been around for over 100 years and that I met people who have worked here for 20 or 30 years. It just seems to be a place you could progress and have a career.

"Having the history and the international scale was really important to me. It could allow me meet new people, see new cultures and help in my personal development.”

How does she feel about the work she is doing?

Learning a lot

“I’m doing economic modeling, analyzing the profitability and feasibility of new opportunities for Hydro. But I talk to engineers, technical people, even people from energy and power to help understand details for feasibility. So I’m learning a lot in this process, it’s really good experience.”

Christine’s very levelheaded approach to life, combined with an big dose of energy, has made her time in Oslo different, but fun.

“I like cycling in the summer, learning how to ski in the winter and I do lots of walking. It’s really cool that you can get on the subway and be on the slopes skiing in less than an hour.”

And the downside?

Any downside? “Maybe I became too British, but I think the only thing that gets me here is that people here simply don’t know how to queue. If I have to fight at the bus stop or checkout, I don’t really like that.” Christine, we agree.

Her advice to graduates looking for a job?

“Hydro is really a good company to work for. I’ve been through the Trainee Program and I know that even when things aren’t always going well, like through the de-merger [of the oil and gas business], they won’t forget about you. Hydro really took care of the Trainees during this process.”

We like her advice.

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