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Together with Ana Vázquez, Vice President of Hydro Extrusion in Spain and Portugal, they visited three aluminium extrusion plants in Iberia, as a sign of their commitment to continue growing and increasing the production capacity in Spain and Portugal.

During the visits in La Selva and La Roca del Vallès in Catalonia, and Avintes in Portugal, the top executives of the extrusion division were able to meet first-hand the professionals who work in the production of advanced solutions with aluminium profiles. Thus, they were able to know the facilities that have been internationally certified for the integration of the sustainability principles and human rights in the aluminium value chain according to the ASI standard.

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According to Paul Warton, Executive Vice President of Hydro Extrusions, “Iberia is one of the markets where we see great growth potential due to its strategic location and market position. Backed by its own aluminium recycling facilities, we believe that this growth will be consolidated in the coming years”.

In relation to the crisis caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and how it is affecting the company's business and the aluminium sector in general, Warton said: "Hydro has always relied on its local resources for the supply of aluminium solutions. The current situation in Ukraine confirms the need of maintaining this approach, as many of our customers are having real difficulties in maintaining supply chains in the current unstable environment, especially with countries such as China.

Bruno D'hondt, Senior Vice President of Hydro Extrusion in Europe was also present in Avintes (Portugal) and stated, "Hydro continues boosting aluminium profile production and recycling in Europe. We are making significant investments to meet the market demands, with a special focus on sustainability to offer products with a lower carbon footprint".

Ana Vázquez, Vice President of Hydro Spain and Portugal said: "We are proud of the company's commitment to Iberia. Despite the current unstable situation, we continue investing to increase our production capacity and respond to the growing demand for more sustainable products. We are currently undertaking an investment of 10 million euros in our plant in Navarra, which will allow us to double our production capacity of recycled aluminium, from 30.000 to 60.000 tons per year".

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