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“After the demerger of Oil & Energy, we are a powerful aluminium company with the best possible starting point for asserting ourselves among the leading companies globally,” says Hydro’s President and CEO Eivind Reiten. 

“We have a comprehensive restructuring process behind us, and we have ambitions to grow in the area where we are best. We will use our new position to strengthen innovation and the development of technology. We will get closer to our customers, among other things by working more often in partnership, in an improved way. We will get closer to each other through the way we collaborate. And we will improve our results by becoming even better at running our operations in a safe and efficient manner.”

Externally, the changes are primarily visible due to a completely new Internet site –

Internally, a new intranet and in-house magazine made specially for the occasion are the first clear signs that the company is undergoing a process of change. In the days ahead, all employees will be told more about the company’s ambitions, via their line managers.

“After all the changes over the last few years Hydro has become smaller, but not as an aluminium company. In the area where we are investing, we are doing this wholeheartedly. We have never had a better starting point. The markets are consistently strong, our market positions are very good, and our financial position is impeccable. Our operations are running well. We have a robust position with regard to energy and raw materials, and we have a clear view of what is required in order to become bigger and better,” says Hydro’s President and CEO, Eivind Reiten.