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Several hundred Spanish architects recently took part at the awards ceremony in this year's Premios de Arquitectura Technal, an annual competition that recognizes two values essential to good architecture: creativity and realization.

The competition is open to architects who have used Technal's aluminium building systems in projects completed during the course of the previous year, and the judging is carried out by a jury of peers.

Detailed information and pictures from each of the 16 finalists – four in each category – will be published in a glossy, special-edition book that is distributed throughout the Aluminier Technal customer network, among professionals and key representatives from the building industry in Spain.

In addition, each of the winners will benefit by having their respective projects presented next year in an advertising campaign, sponsored by Technal, in Spain's most prominent architectural magazines. Last year's winners - Eduardo Stream, Carlos Ferrater, Joan Tous Rubber, Javier Arizcuren and Miguel Alonso Flamarique – are currently featured.

Technal prizes are awarded in four building categories, with this year's winners:

  • Institutional. Biblioteca Sagrada Famílía in Barcelona, by architect Manuel Ruisánchez Capelastegui (Aluminier partner: Capmar SL)
  • Private. Vivienda Unifamiliar Pascual Marín in Albacete, by architect: Jesús A. Sempere Doncel (Aluminier partner: Metalistería Almanseña SL)
  • Renovation. Casa en Vallvidriera in Barcelona, by architects Jordi Hidalgo and Daniela Hartmann (Aluminier partner: E. Plantalech SL)
  • Residential (two winners). Edif Viviendas Plaza Lesseps in Barcelona, by architects Lucía Ferrater, Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí Galí (Aluminier partner: Talleres V. Montón SA) and Conjunto Residencial Castellana-Pinar in Madrid, by architects Alejandro Bueso-Inchausti and Pablo Rein Redondo (Aluminier partner: Cerrajería Teófilo SL)

This year's event was arranged at the downtown Salón Real del Casino de Madrid, with most of the participants coming from Spain’s capital city.

Besides being an event where architects could meet other architects, the ceremony offered Aluminier Technal network companies as well as metal builders the chance to get closer to each other. This was one of the main messages presented by Jean-François Cavalié, who heads the Hydro Building Systems unit which covers Portugal and Spain.

"We know the participants appreciate such an event," he says. "And as a business, it is important for us to come even closer to our customer groups. Technal has a passion for architecture, so it is natural for us to work closer with the architects."

Society in forefront

General manager Celestí Ventura of Barcelona-based developer Metro-3 spoke at the awards ceremony about the impact that Technal is making in Spain.

"The best companies are the ones that help develop their sectors with society in the forefront. This is what Technal is doing," he says.

"In our sector, Technal is extending the natural way of business, which is through the metal builders, while considering benefits to society as it works to help make the best buildings by the best professionals. You cannot have a good brand over time if you do not have a good product."

Technal's objective with the Aluminier network is to help customers improve their understanding of the market and its available opportunities, as well as to increase customer service.

The largest integrated aluminium company in Europe, Hydro is one of the preferred suppliers of aluminium building systems worldwide. Its international brands – Domal, Technal and Wicona – cover the range of system products, from windows and doors for single-home residential solutions to the erection of façades on major structures such as new airports or high-rise buildings.