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Wicona's award-winning façade solution, TEmotion, can easily reduce energy consumption in existing buildings by more than 50 per cent.

TEmotion is a complete façade module with a series of energy-saving elements such as sun-shading devices, ventilation, lighting, heat pumps and electricity production from solar cells.

“Rehabilitation of existing buildings is crucial in the battle to reduce energy consumption and emissions,” says the head of Hydro’s building systems activities, Lars Hauk Ringvold.

About 40 per cent of the world’s energy consumption is related to buildings.

Unlike ordinary rehabilitation projects, where the occupants of the building often must move out, the TEmotion concept makes it possible to rehabilitate office by office during a period ranging from just days to a maximum of a couple of weeks. This saves time, money and energy.

“TEmotion is a pre-fabricated façade solution, meaning that the only thing that has to be done on the construction site is to make a hole in the wall and replace the existing window with a new and energy-saving façade solution,” says Werner Jager, head of Research and Development in Hydro Building Systems.

The BAU building exhibition runs from January 17-22.

In addition to Wicona, Hydro’s building systems brands include Technal and Domal.