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Employees and contractors are receiving a kit with four educational games focused on prevention. The idea is to involve family members in raising awareness about the importance of personal hygiene and practices in the home.

The 10,000 kits are being distributed in Pará and Rio de Janeiro and, soon, a new batch will also be distributed at the company's units in São Paulo and Santa Catarina. The games are also available on Hydro’s website, allowing anyone to access the content for free, and print themselves.

Download the games here (pdf, in Portuguese only)

The images in the games show actions that should be part of everyday life and be reinforced to prevent the spread of the virus, such as washing hands, wearing masks, cleaning objects and environments, among others.

“Educational games reinforce awareness of health care and the involvement of family members during this period, when children are spending more time at home. We are combining knowledge and entertainment, sharing information in a playful and educational way,” says Hydro's Head of Communication in South America, Alessandra Fonseca.

Puzzles, memory games and coloring games are used to raise awareness on the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil.

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