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Hycast will deliver casting technology (Low Pressure Casting - LPC) for extrusion ingots, including control system, launder system, inline melt treatment systems (Siphon Inert Reactor - SIR) and other equipment. In total, four new casting lines will be delivered to the customer.  

“We are very happy to have landed one of the biggest contracts in Hycast’s over thirty-year history,” says Hycast Managing Director Ola Ulvund.

The contract between Hycast and Innovation Group has an estimated value of around NOK 200 million.

Image/animation of casting technology (LPC) from Hycast.
Image/animation of casting technology (LPC) from Hycast.

“Large parts of our Hycast organization have been working on this deal over a long period of time, including the newly opened Hycast China branch. The combination of a solid home office and feet on the ground, has proven to be a key factor during the global pandemic, where ability to travel and meet in person have been very limited. The deal proves Hycast’s ability to deliver competitive and technologically advanced solutions the market wants,” Ulvund says. 

Innovation Group is the largest producer of extrusion ingots in China, with a combined capacity of around 5.1 million tonnes annually. The deliveries from Hycast to Innovation Group is scheduled to commence in Q3 2022 and be completed by end-2022. 

The video in top of the article shows an animation of Hycast's Low Pressure Casting (LPC) technology for extrusion ingots.


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