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In its first month in 2021, Hydro's “Voluntários em Ação” (Volunteers in Action) campaign gathered more than one tonne of food and many hygiene items. The goods are given to organizations that are already assisted by the company’s program or that work with socially vulnerable groups.

About 4,000 packages with non-perishable foods filled into 733 basic baskets, which were added to more than 1,000 units of feminine hygiene items and baby milk. The campaign continues through December and involves Hydro’s operations in Belém, Rio de Janeiro, Barcarena, Tomé-açu and Paragominas.

“We are very happy with this first result. This makes us very proud and is in line with Hydro's values. It is important to emphasize that, in addition to our employees, anyone can participate by making donations to a population that needs help,” says Fadwa Mohamadieh, Senior Social Responsibility Manager at Hydro.

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In 2020, 19 million people lived in a situation of hunger in the country, according to data from the National Survey on Food Insecurity in the Context of the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil, which was carried out by the Brazilian Network for Research on Sovereignty and Food Security. This is an increase of 27.6%, or about 9 million more people than in 2019.

In the Voluntários em Ação program, participants dedicate time, skills and resources to develop initiatives aligned with the social responsibility strategy of Hydro and Albras – which is Hydro’s joint-venture aluminium plant in Barcarena – as well as the needs of the municipalities where they both operate.

All program actions are carried out with the support of employees of both companies, contractors and their families. This large campaign works on four collection fronts: non-perishable foods, feminine hygiene items, powdered milk to serve children who are breastfed or in early weaning; in addition to cash donations through an online platform: Voluntários em Ação (

See video to learn more about the initiatives from Hydro's Voluntários em Ação: