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The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) aims to see sustainability and human rights principles increasingly embedded in supply chains. Its Performance Standard recognizes the responsible production, sourcing and stewardship of aluminium.

The Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard sets out requirements for the creation of a chain of custody for CoC material, including ASI Aluminium, which is produced and processed through the value chain into the downstream sectors. It means not only that the sites and their practices are certified, but that the physical metal they process also is certified, when obtained from ASI-certified sources.

Each of Hydro’s extrusion plants in Iberia – one in Portugal, three in Spain – received their Performance Standard certification in February 2020, covering their respective aluminium extrusion and manufacturing operations. Achieving CoC certification adds further value to their customer offer.

“This is a key part of our sustainability agenda and in our strategy to help customers document that they offer aluminium products that are sourced and produced responsibly throughout the value chain,” says Ana Vázquez, vice president responsible for the Iberia region in Hydro’s Extrusion Europe organization.

“We believe this certification will help us motivate our suppliers, co-workers and customers to work with us on a more sustainable basis for our future generations.”

Hydro's extrusion plant Navarra i Spain
Hydro's Navarra site in Spain offers large-press capabilities as well as aluminium recycling facilities.

The certified sites:

  • Avintes. Located near Porto, the plant employs around 130 people and provides a wide range of aluminium solutions for the Portuguese market, including aluminium recycling
  • La Selva. The smallest of the three plants in Spain, with about 60 employees, the La Selva site in Tarragona specializes in micro-extrusion for difficult and critical profile parts
  • Navarra. The plant employs 140 people and boasts 65 years of experience in the aluminium sector, offering large-press capabilities as well as aluminium recycling facilities
  • La Roca. Some 110 people work at the La Roca site in Barcelona, offering design support and aluminum solutions for automotive, transportation, building, and industrial applications

Differentiating with sustainability

The latest achievements in Iberia reinforce the work that Hydro is carrying out to benefit its sustainability-seeking customers. Earlier this year, the company announced that all 42 of its aluminium extrusion operations in Europe were certified according to the ASI Performance Standard.

“Achieving Chain of Custody Standard certification is impressive, and I am very happy with the work of our employees at these sites. Doing business the right way is what Hydro is about,” says executive vice president Paul Warton, who leads Hydro’s Extrusions business area.

Hydro Extrusions is the largest business area in Hydro with 21,000 employees in 40 countries. It delivers tailored aluminium components and solutions to all industries, from automotive and mass transportation to building and construction, electronics, offshore and maritime. The business area serves more than 30,000 customers across the world.


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