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The investment in Sunndal will increase the capacity for production of special alloys to, among others, the building and construction and automotive industries by 35,000 tonnes per year. This investment will also increase the flexibility to switch between products and thus make the plant more robust in a cyclical marked.

The project will start immediately and is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2023.

“We are pleased with this decision, which strengthens Hydro Sunndal's flexibility in the market and promotes greater consumption of low-carbon aluminum. A customer example we are pleased with is that aluminum from Sunndal will be used in Google's new office building in New York. Like Google, we experience that more and more customers are looking to use sustainable materials, and the use of low-carbon aluminum from Sunndal now helps customers achieve their sustainability ambitions,” says Plant Manager at Sunndal Roar Ørsund.

“The demand for metals and materials produced with renewable energy is increasing and this offers great opportunities for Norwegian industry. Hydro has high ambitions for growth in Norway and investments in Sunndal are an important step in implementing our strategy that will strengthen our market position in premium low-carbon aluminum,” says Ola Sæter, Head of Primary Production in Hydro.


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