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A two-week fundraising campaign initiated by Hydro’s unions in support of UNICEF has raised NOK 1 million. With an additional donation from Hydro, the total amount raised is NOK 10 million (about €1 million). Hydro is a Signature Partner of UNICEF Norway.

The initiative came from the European Works Council (EWC) and LO (the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions), and has drawn widespread participation from individual Hydro employees around the world.

“This tragedy in Ukraine, now in its fourth week, has deeply touched us all. We condemn the invasion, and I appreciate and admire the engagement by our employees. The efforts by our employees are heartwarming, and truly demonstrate how we live our values of Care, Courage and Collaboration,” says Aasheim.

Employees have been encouraged to donate the equivalent of one hour of their pay to support the humanitarian work.

“The response from our colleagues shows how we can work together in solidarity with people in need,” says Tor Egil Skulstad, Chief Employee Representative and leader of Hydro’s EWC. “I know how important it is to help people in a war zone – I was in UNIFIL (the UN Interim Force In Lebanon). That Hydro employees from all corners of our operations contribute in this way makes me very proud.”

In addition to the money raised for UNICEF’s efforts, Hydro in Poland have organized group transport to and from the Ukrainian border for those of 400 employees from Ukraine who want to bring their families to Poland. The extrusion plants have also offered temporary accommodations for the families arriving in Poland, and employees are volunteering to support the many who are fleeing the war in Ukraine.

Last weekend, 168 tonnes of medicines, equipment and health supplies from UNICEF arrived in the city of Lviv in Ukraine. These will be distributed to a number of hospitals that desperately need more supplies. About 70 tonnes of supplies had previously arrived in Ukraine. This is medical equipment that has been delivered to 22 hospitals in the five most affected areas. The equipment will provide aid to 20,000 vulnerable children and mothers. Life-saving equipment and supplies have also been delivered to five maternity wards and clinics in Kyiv to help 5,000 pregnant women and newborns.


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