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Building schools in Haiti will improve educational opportunities for pupils there.

The partnership with WEbuilding started with a project in Haiti, in the Ranja Valley. Hydro’s building systems brands, Technal, WICONA and SAPA, are contributing to the construction of a school in the Grand’Anse department, which is prone to natural disasters.

Hurricanes, earthquakes and floods are major threats to its population – the Hurricane Matthew in 2010 or the earthquake in 2021, followed by the Grace depression, are examples.

Weakened by those natural events, Haiti has also a very troubled access to education: the country has a literacy rate of only 61%. In the Ranja Valley, children see their lives threatened every day by crossing a river to go to school.

Thus, the project will see the construction of a primary school in 2022 composed of six classrooms and several toilet units. Each classroom will accommodate 30 pupils.

Since WEbuilding’s and Technal, Sapa and WICONA’s sustainability values converge, the school will be built by local workers to strengthen local communities and with sustainable, locally sourced materials.

As part of this long-term partnership, Hydro’s building systems brands plan on contributing to various other projects with WEbuilding in the future.