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The Silver Lion is the top award in the category "Corporate", and was awarded Hydro as advertiser and the agency DDB for making the film film for Norwegian TV where a group of budding young engineers rebuild a railway track, sending a train into a gigantic loop.

Hydro won over companies like Nike, Toyota and Honda.

"This film is a part of our long-term effort to strengthen our brand among younger stakeholders. We want to attract new talents. It is these young engineers who one day will bring Hydro into the future," says chief communication officer Inger Sethov in Hydro.

Hydro's train film has gained attention and has previously won several awards in Norway, in the US and in the UK. It has spread like a wildfire on the internet: YouTube has shown the film almost half a million times, while the internet site has shown the film almost a million times. There you'll also find close to a thousand comments debating if the film is genuine.

"We wanted to show that industry and engineering is fun. This is good for Hydro, recruiting talented people, and it is good for the industry," says Sethov.

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