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Interns reflect on time in Hydro

This year’s summer internship program is coming to an end and the interns recently gathered for a final session to present the outcome of their common case assignment. The day proved to be a success, with outstanding presentations from all teams, fun outdoor activities and networking.

The final session started off with a lunch with Executive Vice President Wenche Agerup. The four groups then took the stage with their case presentations followed by questions from the audience.

The groups presented their ideas on what Hydro can offer as an employer, and how to potentially attract new young talents. This input is contributing to the overall employer branding strategy work, as it offers a unique vantage point from our key target group.

“It is very important to secure that also the finalization of the summer internship is a success,” says Karamjit Singh, head of People Resourcing in Corporate HR. “This because our interns represent our most important target group for future work, and they will be our key ambassadors ‘out there.’

“In addition, through their internship, they have experienced a great deal, which they have had to express through the case assignment. This gave an opportunity to give us valuable feedback on how they experience Hydro as a workplace, and moreover, what we can do to attract the brightest talents in this target group moving forward.”

The second major focus point for having a common program and a case assignment is for our interns to get a holistic view of Hydro, ensure varied content, and to offer the opportunity to learn from one another, across business areas and locations.

“The benefit of this is great. Especially for me, leading such a project across locations has been very rewarding and educational, and I think it is a very good assignment to have as a supplement to the academic tasks you are working on. I think this is definitely something that should be continued,” says Eirik Vee Natvik, summer intern in Energy Power Operations.

The day ended with some outdoor, teambuilding activities, before everything was wrapped up with a dinner in the evening, along with an announcement of the winning team. All in all, this day proved to be a wonderful final event for a great internship-summer in Hydro.“In my case, none of the interns were in the same location as I am, which made it very interesting. In order to work on the assignment, we had to find out how to communicate, mainly. This is similar, probably, to how it feels to work in a global company like Hydro. We had to find the correct tools to solve our tasks. In addition, working together with interns from all these different departments has been very broadening. I’ve seen the supply chain of Hydro through all these interns,” adds Mai-Liis Jullinen, summer intern in Energy Markets and group leader of the winning team.

Moreover, the students report back that they have enjoyed interesting and varied assignments throughout the summer and many have a desire to work for Hydro in the future.

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