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The contract covers the engineering design of demolition work, a new potroom, rectifier and transformer substations, power distribution, infrastructure and support systems.


"This contract marks an important step towards the implementation of the Karmøy pilot, which will enable us to roll out the next generation of aluminium production technology," says Hilde Merete Aasheim, head of Primary Metal in Hydro.

Largest investment in a decade

Last month, Hydro made a formal investment decision to develop a full-scale pilot plant in Karmøy, to confirm the feasibility producing the most energy and climate efficient aluminium in the world. A final decision to complete the pilot plant, at a total estimated cost of NOK 3.9 billion, is dependent on Hydro securing a robust power solution for the plant.

"We are incredibly proud to win the contract to contribute to the Karmøy pilot. This is an exciting assignment and the largest industrial investment on the Norwegian mainland, excluding oil and gas, in a decade. The assignment reinforces Multiconsult's position as a reliable partner in developing aluminium plants during the last 50 years in Norway. The contract is a result of a long, extensive and well managed process," says Christian N. Madsen, CEO of Multiconsult.

The pilot plant is planned to have an annual production capacity of 75,000 tonnes, with a possible startup in the second half of 2017.

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