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Primary insiders have been allocated shares under the Long Term Incentive program

Norsk Hydro ASA has a share-based Long-Term Incentive program ("LTI") in the form of a maximum remuneration of 30 percent of the annual base salary, dependent on two equally weighted performance metrics for the President and CEO and the other members of the Corporate Management Board.

The two performance measures are:

  1. Hydro's three-year average adjusted RoaCE relative to Hydro's adjusted RoaCE target.

  2. Hydro's 3-year Total Shareholder Return (TSR) relative to a basket of peers. 

The LTI payment is conditional on Hydro having a positive adjusted EBITDA in the previous year. The participants will be required to invest the net amount after tax in Hydro shares, and they must hold the shares for at least three years. 

 The list below set out the primary insiders that on March 10, 2023, have been allocated Hydro shares under the LTI plan at NOK 77.24 per share.

Allocated shares LTI program
New holding
Hilde Merete Aasheim
President & CEO
15 101
140 904
Arvid Moss
EVP, Hydro Energy
7 567
183 969
Eivind kallevik
EVP, Hydro Aluminium Metal
8 483
84 994
Anne-Lene Midseim
EVP, Legal and Compliance
6 139
42 419
John Thuestad
EVP, Hydro Bauxite & Alumina
12 314
30 423
Hilde Vestheim Nordh
EVP, People & HSE
5 670
10 370
Pål Kildemo
EVP and Chief Financial Office
7 641
24 084
Paul Warton
EVP, Hydro Extrusions
12 593
16 431
Therese Rød Holm
EVP, Communication & Public Affairs
1 277
1 277
Trond O. Christophersen
EVP, Corporate Development
1 056
5 384
77 841
540 255

This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to Section 5-12 the Norwegian Securities Trading Act.


Line Haugetraa

Line Haugetraa

Head of Investor Relations

halvor molland

Halvor Molland

Senior vice president, Group Communication

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