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The strike will gradually affect the operations at Hydro Karmøy and Hydro Årdal. The impact on operations is regulated by a separate agreement, which states how operations are to be reduced in a responsible manner and how both parties shall contribute.

The affected members will go on strike gradually, as ramping down production requires considerable work effort from the operators at the aluminium plants. This process will take several months.

Shipping activities will be strictly limited for both Hydro Årdal and Hydro Karmøy for the duration of the strike, which will lead to delays in deliveries.

If aluminum production is reduced at the plants, the power that would normally be used in the aluminium production will be sold in the power market.

Corporate employees working in the accounting department based at Sunndalsøra, and who are organized in the Handel og Kontor (HK union), have also gone on strike.


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