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Hydro Extrusions is introducing a concept called “Hydro Partner Packages,” a suite of partnership services that help businesses get ahead, become future proof, and comply with both increased legal requirements and market demands. This is the new way to purchase products and services from Hydro Extrusions in Europe. 

“Each customer is unique. They have different needs and requirements to service, product properties and sustainability features. The ‘Hydro Partner Packages’ will make the transition to more sustainable aluminium profiles easier. Our customers become partners and choose between the packages, ranging from basic to advanced, from an environmental impact point of view. This way they can get ahead of their competition and make a difference,” says Jacob Reeckmann, Head of Sales & Marketing at Extrusion Europe region North.

Getting ahead on the path to zero

Over the next five to seven years, sustainability will become even more important and a naturally embedded part of consumer behavior. The European Green Deal, emphasizing the transition to more sustainable industries, further underscores the importance of adopting sustainable practices in business, especially within manufacturing companies. 

Consequently, every business will be affected, making the journey towards a more sustainable future both challenging and time consuming. However, establishing and embracing new practices today can position businesses to leverage sustainability as a competitive advantage. 

Three levels of sustainable impact 

To help customers take the next sustainability step or leap, Hydro Extrusions in Europe has now structured all products and services into three distinct partnership levels, each offering a matching set of sustainability features and benefits. The three levels are Hydro Partner, Hydro Plus Partner and Hydro Innovative Partner. 

This approach reflects Hydro Extrusions’ commitment to recognizing the unique needs of its customers at various stages of their sustainability journeys. Whether it is an ambitious startup, a growing contender, or an industry leader, the partner packages are designed to meet and exceed the customer’s sustainability goals. From energy use to production processes, every aspect of the products has been thoughtfully considered to contribute positively to collective environmental objectives. As partners, customers not only receive premium aluminium profiles made from more sustainable aluminium, but also actively contribute on the road towards a more responsible and eco-conscious future.

“Most of our customers have already taken the first step, and every new customer will be spared the hassle of re-engineering things on the road ahead. We have the products, services, and technology to propel companies forward on the path to zero emissions,” says Reeckmann.

Packaged services for different needs

All existing customers of Hydro Extrusions in Europe automatically become Hydro Partners. Hydro Partners benefit from ASI Performance Standard and Chain of Custody certified production facilities, Hydro’s “path to zero” strategy, Environmental Product Declarations, tailored services with personal contacts, high-quality product standards and complete one-stop-shop solutions. 

The Hydro Plus Partner package also includes access to Hydro low-carbon aluminium and Hydro recycled Aluminium, CO2 emissions data per article, sustainability training, and Hydro EcoDesign consulting services. On the top shelf is the Hydro Innovative Partner package which gives additional benefits such as access to the exclusive Hydro low-carbon recycled aluminium, co-branding activities, customized sustainability support, individual solutions for supporting the customer’s sustainability strategy, and express services with priority lead time. 

More information about the packages is available at Hydro Partner Packages.


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