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Innovation happens when experts unite

Hydro is partnering with the world’s leading designers and producers. Together, we can work to reduce our carbon foot­print and enable a circular economy.

When Experts Unite
Experts Unite group photo

Hydro + Tom Dixon

We are collaborating with the designer on an aluminium chair designed for recycling.

When Experts Unite
chair in aluminium

Dear partner

Following the cyber-attack, some may try to take advantage of the current situation and contact Hydro’s partners, pretending to be Hydro. This may be an attempt to spread the virus further or deceive our customers, suppliers or other partners. We therefore ask our partners to show extra caution when receiving emails from Hydro during this period. For instance, please note that Hydro is not under any circumstances asking our partners to change bank accounts. Anyone who is in doubt about the credibility of an email from Hydro should call the sender to verify. See updates on the cyber attack on Hydro here.

Acerca de Hydro

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40 países

35,000 trabajadores


Hydro es una compañía de aluminio plenamente integrada, con 35.000 empleados en cuarenta países de todos los continentes. Combinamos especialización local, alcance global y capacidades inigualables en I+D.


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