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Do you want to know more about HA 110 RPT?

Sliding and lift solutions with Thermal Break (RPT) offering maximum performance for maximum indoor-outdoor integration.

Main dimensions:
Width of the leaf: 45 mm; assembled at 45
Frame width: 125 mm on two rails, 186 mm on three rails; 90° assembly

Double glazing up to 32 mm

Basic characteristics of the system: 2, 3 and 4 leaf doors that meet in the middle in a frame of 2 guides
3-leaf doors in a 3-track frame Glazing capacity up to 35 mm
Possibility of leaf with counter-glass

Why choose the HA 110 RPT line?

T-REX system
which allows the interruption of the thermal transmittance in the longitudinal direction to the woodwork and concentrates the water coming from the threshold without the need for additional machining.

Load capacity
maximum of 300 kg per leaf in lifting system and 400 kg per leaf in sliding system

by means of weatherstripping with a fixed base for the lifting systems around the whole perimeter of the leaf and by means of 7x6 plush with fin-seal in the sliding systems with simple sliding

Possibility of reinforcement
inertia at the leaf crossings