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From small to BIG, extruded profiles made in Benelux

Small & medium profiles - Big profiles - Surface treatment - Mechanical treatment - FSW - Recycling - Welded tubes

Profiles that suit your needs

Extruded Aluminium Profiles for any imaginable application

Our closely cooperating teams are at your service 

  • in The Netherlands : Drunen, Harderwijk and Hoogezand
  • in Belgium : Lichtervelde, Raeren, Eupen and Ghlin

We will keep you ahead in applying sustainable aluminium 

  • 2 Extrusion facilities for BIG profiles
  • 3 Extrusion facilities for Small & Medium profiles
  • 1 Facility for Welded Tubes
  • 2 Remelt plants
  • 2 Anodizing lines
  • Powder coating
  • Thermal break
  • Die maker
  • Friction Stir Welding
  • Modern machinery for mechanical treatment

Long-length profiles, surface treatment, mechanical treatment

In addition to long-length profiles, we offer surface treatment and mechanical treatment, providing you with aluminium components that are immediately ready for assembly in the end product. This simplifies your logistical process.

Our working method

We enter preferably at an early stage of the design process to provide you with advice about aluminium components. Subsequently, we will work with you to define the best logistical solution, in combination with short delivery times, delivery reliability and flexible order quantities.