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Hydro researcher Hirsch: new era of DGM

Hydro researcher Jürgen Hirsch has taken over the presidency of the German Society for Materials Science (DGM). The DGM heralds "a new era", said Hirsch at the opening of the materials week with 1700 guests.

Hydro is actively involved in the DGM and its committees - also in this first week of new materials. Jürgen Hirsch and the metallographer Katrin Kuhnke from R&D Bonn gave lectures and led sessions. Hydro also sponsored the youngster Dominik Schittenhelm from BMW in Landshut to attend the Materials Week. "Another step with which we can further deepen our contacts with BMW development," says Hirsch. & Nbsp;

Jürgen Hirsch, Senior Scientist at R&D Bonn and Professor at RWTH Aachen University, had been elected by the Board of Directors and was confirmed by the DGM General Assembly on Wednesday evening. In front of guests from politics, industry and science, Hirsch announced: "We will strengthen our presence in politics and therefore cooperate more closely with the metal industry association." A newly established DGM position for this cooperation with the WVM will bring together the expertise of materials science and industry, for example, in scientific government advisory councils.

The five-day materials week in Dresden sets a new accent for its guests with numerous symposia, lectures and specialist group meetings, speed dating and science slam as well as a trade fair at which Hydro was also represented with a stand. During the tour, Jürgen Hirsch also explained to the guests of honor, led by Saxony's Finance Minister Georg Unland, the top exhibit at R&D Bonn: a vehicle side wall of more than 3.50 meters in length made from a single sheet of aluminum, pressed on a tool designed on steel to create a design with impressive features 38 centimeters component depth - thanks to a special cladding of the 6016 core tape successfully done!

Christian Schmidt from R&D Bonn explains to former research colleagues the achievements of R&D Bonn. Graduates and students also visited the Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products booth at the Materials Week to learn more about companies, products and current projects.


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