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Hydro invests BRL 590 million in Paragominas

The investment is part of the Miltônia 5 (M5) project, which will renew mining in the municipality.

Bauxita - Hydro Paragominas

Over the last 15 years, Hydro Paragominas has actively contributed to the economic and social development in the municipality. The Miltônia 5 project is an investment of approximately BRL 590 million (around USD 110 million) in a new mining front that will begin operations in 2023.

“This new mining front consists of the construction of an access road and infrastructure to support the operations. The work is already underway, with completion scheduled for the first quarter of 2023. Over time, the M5 project will increase its share in Hydro's production chain, representing the term investments in the assets in Pará. This is an important contribution to the development of Paragominas and the region,” says Anderson Martins, Director of Hydro Paragominas.

The new mining front will generate additional jobs during the infrastructure work stage, with an estimated 1,000 workers at the peak of the first stage activities. This maintains the prioritization of hiring local labor, products and services.  

“This project includes all the Hydro values. It was developed during the pandemic and included all areas of the organization, from planning to execution. We will continue to follow the highest standard of quality and safety,” says Martins.

The Miltônia 5 project will utilize Hydro’s Tailings Dry Backfill as methodology. It will continue to contribute to responsible mining on the new front.

See video on Tailings Dry Backfill technology:

Hydro is a pioneer in this methodology and allows the inert tailings from bauxite mining to be returned to areas already opened and mined, instead of being deposited in separate, permanent storage areas. Therefore, the M5 Project will not need to build new dams. In addition, the mining area rehabilitation program continues to operate, always using the best practices to carry out reforestation.

About Hydro Paragominas

Hydro’s bauxite mine, Mineração Paragominas, is an important part of Hydro's strategy as a global provider of innovative and low carbon aluminium solutions. It is located approximately 70 km from the municipality of Paragominas, in northeast Pará, on the Miltônia 3 Plateau.

Mining at Paragominas started in 2007 and employs about 1,300 permanent employees and about 350 workers on long-term contracts. Hydro owns 100 percent of Mineração Paragominas.


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