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Low-carbon and recycled aluminium

Meet your sustainability goals and progress on the path to zero emissions through our low-carbon and recycled aluminium offerings.


What we offer

In response to the challenges facing the market and the world, Hydro created both certified low-carbon and recycled aluminium offerings. This minimizes the carbon footprint of our products while ensuring safe and responsible production and maximizing opportunities for our customers.

Our low-carbon aluminium has an average carbon footprint of 4.0 per kilo of aluminium, compared to the 16.7 world average, thanks to hydro, wind and solar power used in the production process, as with Hydro REDUXA.

By efficiently utilizing pre- and post-consumer scrap, we can also offer certified recycled aluminium with a lower carbon footprint, like Hydro CIRCAL and Hydro RESTORE.


Transparency matters

Our low-carbon and recycled products come with a certificate detailing the environmental footprint, from mining to the final metal, including input materials and transportation (Scope 1-3). This information is verified by an independent third party and is traceable down to each individual batch – an honest and transparent way of calculating footprint in contrast with many industry "standards."

Why go greener?

Sustainability is no longer a competitive edge, but a necessity for remaining viable in a society governed by global climate action. As standards evolve, industries must work to find innovative ways of changing the way the world consumes.

Aluminium is full of untapped potential for being a more sustainable metal of choice and a key player in the circular economy. At Hydro, we are exploiting aluminium’s infinite recyclability and usability to lower carbon footprints by offering low-carbon and recycled aluminium.

Low-carbon aluminium

Our low-carbon aluminium uses hydro, wind and solar power in the production process to create an average of 4.0 kilo of CO2e per kilo of aluminium.

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Recycled aluminium

Our recycled aluminium efficiently utilizes pre- and post-consumer scrap to create a lower carbon footprint and support the circular economy.

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Hydro EcoDesign

Our EcoDesign service supports customers in utilizing our future-proof aluminium, designing for longevity, recyclability and sustainability.

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