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Hydro’s low-carbon aluminium products carry a carbon footprint below 4 kilo CO2-equivalents (CO2e) per kilo aluminium and are designed to help customers reach their sustainability goals and meet the growing demands of climate-conscious consumers.

Hydro offers full transparency about the environmental impact of the metal from the mine or scrap to the final aluminium product. The carbon footprint documentation of our products covers all process steps, and even includes input materials and transportation (Scopes 1-3).

Hydro’s low-carbon primary aluminium 

Our range of low-carbon primary aluminium is guaranteed to have generated a maximum carbon footprint of 4 kilo CO2e per kilo aluminium – one-fourth the global average.

We offer low-carbon extruded profiles, extrusion ingots, foundry alloys, sheet ingots, forge stock and wire rods. We achieve the low carbon footprint by using renewable energy sources like hydropower and hyper-efficient electrolysis technology at our aluminium smelters. 

We master every step of the aluminium value chain, from mining and refining bauxite and alumina, to producing and extruding aluminium, and eventually recycling. This gives us a unique position to minimize our impact on nature, climate and society and continue to reduce the carbon footprint in line with our decarbonization ambitions.

Our low-carbon primary aluminium products include the brand Hydro REDUXA, which is verified by DNV, an independent third party.

Hydro’s low-carbon, recycled aluminium

Hydro’s range of low-carbon aluminium includes recycled aluminium products with an average carbon footprint below 4 kilo CO2e per kilo aluminium and a high share of post-consumer scrap content. 

The upstream product range mainly includes extrusion ingot, but foundry alloys and forging stock are available in some geographies and locations. On the extrusion side, extrusions made with low-carbon recycled aluminium are available from an increasing number of locations. The low carbon footprint is either documented by an EPD or verified by a third party.

For customers looking for very high recycled content, we can offer Hydro CIRCAL, our brand of premium, low-carbon and recycled aluminium produced with at least 75% post-consumer scrap and, which has an average footprint of 1.9 kilo CO2e per kilo aluminium. The production process is fully traceable from the scrap to the metal per batch, and the product is verified by DNV, an independent third party.

Hydro is constantly pushing the boundaries of low-carbon aluminium and pursuing initiatives to decarbonize our processes through increased use of cleaner energy or new technology development. Our focus on decarbonization across our value chain allows us to offer premium products to selected strategic partners, such as Hydro REDUXA 3.0, which is key in our partnership with Mercedes-Benz

In early 2023, we also delivered the first near-zero carbon footprint aluminium for the European building and construction market based on Hydro CIRCAL, with 100% post-consumer scrap content.

Contact us to learn more about our low-carbon aluminium offerings
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