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Hydro REDUXA is our brand of low-carbon aluminium. Using renewable energy from water (hydro power), wind and solar, we can produce cleaner aluminium, reducing the carbon footprint per kg of aluminium to 4.0 which is less than a quarter of the global average.

How is Hydro REDUXA low-carbon aluminium produced?

As Hydro is involved in every aspect of the value chain, we can ensure that the whole process is not only sustainable but uses the cleanest possible energy from our own sources, thus removing the need for alternatives.

At our Karmøy plant in the west of Norway, we have been using the environment to assist our aluminium production for several years. The whole Karmøy energy supply comes from Hydro’s hydro power plants in nearby Røldal-Suldal – meaning that the whole operation is virtually self-sufficient.

The reality is that we’re not re-inventing the wheel. We are actively achieving a goal to use as little energy as possible to create high-quality sustainable aluminium.

Hydro REDUXA is available in low-carbon extrusion ingots, low-carbon foundry alloys, low-carbon sheet ingots and low-carbon wire rod.

We certify that dedicated parts of our production hold among the highest standards in the world, also in a climate perspective, because we believe that when our customer’s footprint shrinks, their opportunities expand.

Hydro REDUXA is verified according to ISO 14064 by DNV, covering all carbon emissions from bauxite mining and alumina refining to the production of aluminium in electrolysis and casting.

Hydro's aluminium design services

Hydro’s low-carbon aluminium products are designed to help you reach your sustainability goals and meet the demands of ever more climate-conscious consumers. We can also help you ensure that your products are designed and constructed with the environment in mind. Learn more about how you can use our aluminium design services.

Contact us today to discuss your need for low-carbon aluminium
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