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Employee racking die at Hydro Portland

Hydro Cressona provides a very large range of extrusion, machining, fabrication, and finishing services. Cressona is one of the largest extrusion locations in the Hydro global network, and a Ford Q1 supplier. Hydro Cressona is also a Hydro cast house location. 

About Cressona

The plant at Cressona has its origins in the wartime effort during WWII. Originally built by Alcoa Corp to extrude aluminum shapes for the war, the plant was also used for parts salvage activity before reverting to extrusion activity again during peacetime. Alcoa operated the plant successfully until shutting down operations in 1977.

In 1979 the site was reopened as Cressona Aluminum Company. For the next 40 years, the Cressona operation produced extruded aluminum for a series of owners. In an ironic twist, ownership of the site returned to Alcoa when that company acquired the plant's then-owner Alumax Extrusions.

In 2007, Cressona became part of a joint extrusion venture between Alcoa and Sapa AB. Full ownership was eventually transferred to Sapa AB, and subsequently to the Norwegian company Norsk Hydro. Today, the site operates as part of the global Hydro network of extrusion plants. Continual investment in the business by both Sapa and Hydro has made Cressona a valuable contributor to the Hydro business. Hydro Cressona is known for its advanced extrusion presses and massive annual production volumes. 

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