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Sustainability Report Hydro Extrusions Benelux

The sustainability report of Hydro Extrusions Benelux describes our policy, strategy and key achievements in the field of environmental and social issues. It gives more insight in how we, together with our customers and other stakeholders, take sustainability to the next level.

Sustainability report Hydro Extrusions Benelux 2021

Hydro worldwide and the Benelux organization clearly set the course when it comes to sustainability a few years ago. There are three main focus areas within sustainability that Hydro prioritizes: climate, environment and social responsibility.

As a leading company in the aluminum sector, it is our goal to lead the industry in sustainability as well. We are in the unique position of housing recycling facilities, extrusion plants and finished products. This means we can influence our value chain and be transparent to our stakeholders and customers.

The overarching umbrella of our 2030 climate strategy is based on 3 pillars: greener procurement, greener production and greener products. We have set specific goals when it comes to sustainably sourcing the metal we buy and reducing energy consumption for our operations. We aim to reduce emissions, waste and consumption of natural resources, as well as increase the recycled content of our material and improve the recyclability of our products.

Finally, we want to help our customers improve the sustainable offerings of their products. And to back up what we claim, we back up everything we do with labels and certifications that have been independently verified.

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Sustainability Report Hydro Extrusions Benelux

Read more about the policy, strategy and key achievements on environmental and social issues in the Hydro Extrusions Benelux 2021 Sustainability Report.