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Hydro is one of Norway's largest apprenticeship companies with approx. 200 apprentices inside at any one time. As an apprentice in Hydro, you receive high-quality vocational training, build valuable networks and are an important part of the value chain in the production of aluminum - the metal of the future.

Why choose Hydro?

In order to enable you to take a trade test and become a trade operator, you as an apprentice will receive an individual development plan and follow-up interviews that are adapted to your apprenticeship. We also offer our apprentices courses and certificates that are adapted to the individual training plan. Our goal is to give our apprentices a permanent job after the apprenticeship, and therefore apprentices who have taken a trade certificate will be far ahead in the queue when vacancies are to be filled.

What can you expect?

We offer apprenticeships across our business areas and locations in Norway. Some of the main elements of the curriculum are:

  • 18 - 30 months
  • Practical work combined with theoretical understanding - alternating between learning and value creation
  • Thorough introductory program and follow-up
  • Individual development plan adapted to your competence goals and progress
  • Offers courses and certificates adapted to your training plan
  • Close follow-up by supervisor and professional leader

Our apprentices receive salaries according to a collective tariff. The salary is based on a percentage of the start-up salary for operators and increases as your value creation period increase. Our apprentices are also included in our bonus scheme and receive 50% of the bonus payment for operators.

As an apprentice with us, you will either work daytime or in a shift arrangement.

If you are offered an apprenticeship position with us and do not live in the region where the position is located, we will help you in finding a suitable accommodation, offering to cover up to 50% of the rent.

How do you apply?

Our apprenticeships are advertised under "vacancies" in January each year. It is specified in the advertisement which subjects the individual work is looking for. Once you have found the location and subject that suits you, click on "apply for this position" in the job advertisement and follow the references in the application system. The recruitment process can be summarized through the following steps:

Health, safety and the environment (HSE) are integrated into Hydro's daily operations. It is our responsibility to protect the health and safety of our employees, and to contribute to sustainable development in the local communities in which we operate. We are therefore looking for apprentices who will contribute positively to this, through healthy and conscious HSE attitudes and actions.

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