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For two days you have the opportunity to meet our experts who are holding a course on design possibilities with aluminium profiles. We also make factory visits where we get to see the profiles extruded, anodized and processed. Our goal is to convey a deeper knowledge of aluminium and its applications as well as new applications.

Please contact your account manager if you are interested in attending the course. The course is held in Swedish.

Previous participants about the course

"The Profile Academy covers a broad area. This provided me with an excellent basis for further development in subjects that are necessary in the automobile industry. I see now that the material and the construction methods offer excellent opportunities."

"My visit to the Profile Academy provided me with an interesting view on the options in constructing aluminium profiles. The course covered the technique and also provided me with a number of ideas for applications. I learned so much."

How to make aluminium Designing with aluminium Alloys for extruded profiles Ytbehandling Machining and fabrication Remelting and recycling Friction stir welding

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