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How aluminium contributes to light, safe and more sustainable electrical cars

Lighter cars need less electricity to travel the same distance. Maintaining excellent crash-worthiness, our modular aluminium solutions for electric vehicle battery packs can lower costs in production and operation and offer maximum design flexibility.

Aluminium plays a significant role in the light-weighting of electric and hybrid vehicles, and Hydro develops cutting-edge solutions. Hydro components made from aluminium for EV’s include battery packs and enclosure frame solutions for all electrical vehicles. Other products include SC-13® busbars, aluminum battery cables, heat sink systems, motor housings, cabin heaters and structural body components.

Lightweight battery packs

Reducing weight is one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of electrical and hybrid vehicles. Lighter cars need fewer or smaller batteries to travel the same distances. Combining these lightweight components with aluminium thermal management and aluminium cables, you can make your electric and hybrid cars stay cool and light.

We design and manufacture lightweight battery packs and enclosure frame solutions for all electrical vehicles. Together with our SC-13® busbars and aluminium battery cables, they reduce weight and save costs. These components are also useful in hybrid models, where the battery is placed away from the engine. Aluminium is also an excellent choice for electric vehicle chargers.

Greener aluminium lowers electric vehicle emissions throughout the life cycle

When you use greener materials such as low-carbon aluminium, you will improve the footprint of your electric vehicle, not only in the production of the vehicle, but in its use phase.

With the move to electrification, the materials footprint of a car will soon be more important than the tailpipe emissions. We know sustainability is one of the drivers for choosing electric vehicles. That is why Hydro is developing materials and producing them in the right way, to ensure you receive what you need to meet your sustainability targets. Aluminium is completely and infinitely recyclable, with no loss of properties.

Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium

Hydro CIRCAL is our range of products made with recycled, post-consumer scrap. Using recycled aluminium, Hydro is able to drastically reduce energy use in the production phase while still being able to offer high-quality aluminium products.

Operating the most advanced aluminium sorting technology in the industry allows Hydro CIRCAL to provide some of the highest recycled content aluminium in the market. Currently we offer Hydro CIRCAL 75R that contains a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap. The higher the recycled content, the lower the carbon footprint.

Find out more about Hydro CIRCAL recycled aluminium here.


Hydro REDUXA is our series of low-carbon aluminium. By using renewable energy sources like hydro power, Hydro REDUXA reduces the carbon footprint to 4kg CO2e per kg of aluminium (less than a fourth of the global average). The result is aluminium with one of the world’s lowest carbon footprints – maximizing sustainable opportunities for our customers in the automotive industry.

Using renewable energy from water, wind and solar, Hydro can produce cleaner aluminium than ever before.

Find out more about how Hydro REDUXA aluminium could make your electric vehicle greener and more sustainable.


We have turned the corner into a new transport paradigm of electric mobility. Learn how aluminium can contribute to make lighter, safer and greener electric vehicles.

Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail with one of our automotive experts.

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