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World-class aluminium solutions for the automotive industry

All vehicles need a body structure that is rigid, to support weight and stress and to securely tie together all of the individual components. Aluminium is well-suited for use in vehicular structures, as its tensile strength as well as its light weight make it the responsible and sustainable choice.

Aluminium from Hydro can be used for all aspects of the body in white (or BIW for short) for the automotive industry. From extruded aluminium profiles through to a complete aluminium chassis, Hydro has the products, systems, expertise and solutions.

Aluminium profiles for use in body in white

  • Simple extruded aluminium profiles and complex intricate sections

Ready-to-build Aluminium solutions

  • Multi-functional aluminium chassis parts
  • Structural body parts for ‘light weighting’ & Electric Vehicles (EVs)
  • Aluminium frames and sub-frames
  • Impact beams, bumpers and crash boxes (or crush cans)
  • Aluminium body panels & trim

Why choose aluminium for automotive body in white?

Excellent energy absorption is one of the properties that carmakers, and insurance companies, value in Hydro’s range of aluminium specifically designed for cars and the automotive industry. Aluminium from Hydro can make your vehicles safer.

Integrating aluminium components in the structure of a car or vehicle makes it possible to reduce part counts and assembly costs. Using aluminium for a car’s structure can lessen weight by as much as 30% compared to steel.

As aluminium is fully recyclable, a large percentage of the car of the future could be made from 100% recycled aluminium, a truly sustainable vehicle.


Hydro CIRCAL is our range of products made with recycled, post-consumer scrap. Using recycled aluminium, we are able to drastically reduce energy use in the production phase, while still being able to offer high-quality aluminium products.

Operating the most advanced aluminium sorting technology in the industry allows Hydro CIRCAL to provide some of the highest recycled content aluminium in the market. Currently we offer Hydro CIRCAL 75R that contains a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap. The higher the recycled content, the lower the carbon footprint.

Find out more about how Hydro CIRCAL could make your aluminium body parts and BIW products more sustainable.

Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail with one of our automotive experts.
Facts about aluminium Alloys for extruded profiles

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