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“We are currently piloting this innovative solution at our Høyanger plant. Following this verification, we aspire to apply this approach across our Norwegian smelters – with an initial ambition of adding 10 percent to our total primary production in Norway through post-consumer scrap,” says Head of Primary Production in Hydro Aluminium Ola Sæter.

Ola Sæter
Ola Sæter, Head of Primary Production

“This would enable us to offer our most climate-conscious customers a new and improved alternative in their sustainability efforts,” Sæter says.

Low-carbon, circular aluminium

Since Hydro’s aluminium production in Norway is entirely based on renewable power, its average CO2 emissions are already only 25 percent of the global average and available to customers as Hydro REDUXA certified low-carbon primary aluminium. The introduction of post-consumer scrap in the production process of primary aluminium would improve its climate performance even further.

“In Norway we do have the competence, skills and deep technological understanding necessary to be a leader within our global industry, driving the development of circular solutions for the circular economy and combining profitability and sustainability,” says Sæter.

Hydro produces primary aluminium based on renewable power at five plants in Norway, representing an annual capacity of around 1.2 million tonnes of value-added products of Hydro’s total primary production globally of just above 2 million tonnes per year. From Hydro’s network of recyclers, Hydro already produces Hydro CIRCAL with a guaranteed content of at least 75 percent recycled, post-consumer aluminium scrap.


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