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We have continuous and extensive dialogue with local communities and other stakeholders such as civil society, authorities and academia and we invest in several social initiatives. Our most long-term commitment is the Sustainable Barcarena Initiative, where we have committed to invest BRL 100 million (NOK 250 million) over ten years to support collaboration for social change.

Alunorte closer to the communities of Barcarena

The refinery regularly receives visits from members of the local community, as well as authorities, the media and employees’ families. In early 2019 alone, about 500 people from more than 20 communities were invited to visit the refinery's production and environmental control systems.

The community visits to the refinery include viewing the refinery's safety system, as well as the protocols and parameters followed to return treated water to the environment. 

See video about the program Alunorte with Open Doors:

Dialogue with communities

Through 2019, 1,200 people have participated in the Social Dialogue Program meetings promoted by the refinery to share information and strengthen the relationship between neighbors. Besides the visits and the Social Dialogue, representatives of the communities had four meetings with Hydro's Executive Vice President in Brazil, John Thuestad, where topics considered relevant by the participants were discussed.

Watch the video about the Social Dialogue program:

From one of those meetings, for example, emerged the initiative to rehabilitate public spaces in Barcarena for children and young people to practice sports after school. Five recreation spaces were refurbished in five communities of Barcarena that nowhost sports and culture activities as part of a pilot project.

Refurbishing a football field
Alunorte volunteers and contractors refurbish a football field.

Key events

Concerns about spills of bauxite residue – reports confirm no overflow Embargos following the rainfall Alunorte discharged partly treated rainwater Operational upgrades to Alunorte Strengthening our community engagement Impact on employees Road to resuming normal operations Timeline