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The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is a global, non-profit standard and certification organization. ASI has developed an independent third-party certification system for responsible aluminium production to ensure sustainability and human rights principles are increasingly embedded in the production, use and recycling of aluminium.

ASI has two certification standards – the Performance standard and the Chain of Custody standard. The Performance standard certifies for example a plant, while the Chain of Custody standard certifies all steps in the value chain between verified plants. ASI Performance standard covers 11 environmental, social and governance principles and criteria across the aluminium lifecycle.

ASI has more than 290 members, including major aluminium producers and important aluminium users such as Hydro, BMW, Audi, Nespresso, Heineken and Apple.

Hydro participated with other companies and stakeholders from the aluminium value chain in developing the ASI standard. The initiative was launched in 2012 as a result of a multi-stakeholder engagement that started in 2009. In 2018 the standards were finalized and certifications started. Following a five-year cycle, the standard was updated to Version 3.0 in June 2022, which increases focus on biodiversity, climate and human rights.

More than 60 Hydro sites are currently ASI certified according to the Performance Standard, representing our aluminium value chain from bauxite mining to finished products. We have also certified several sites according to the Chain of Custody standard, and delivered the first ASI certified metal to a customer in July 2019.

Financial contributions are given as ordinary membership fees. We report on ASI's 11 principles and underlying criteria as part of the GRI index.