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Hydro Havrand

We need to move away from fossil fuels, and green hydrogen is key to making that happen. Hydro Havrand offers green hydrogen made from renewable energy to help bring the world to net-zero emissions.

Person in kayak

The core of our business is using green hydrogen based on renewable energy to replace fossil fuels across a range of sectors. This includes many heavy industries where a part of the production process often requires temperatures far higher than what electricity can produce, as well as the maritime sector and long-distance transport. Together these three sectors make up almost 30% of global CO2 emissions and we have the opportunity to change that by getting them to switch to green hydrogen

We develop, operate and own green hydrogen facilities, and provide expertise to enable our customers’ transition to renewable energy. We are maturing a pipeline of projects, with an initial focus on Norway and Europe. Hydro Havrand will leverage Hydro’s extensive power positions and its long-term multi-GW green hydrogen offtake potential across some 80 sites worldwide. This will be a powerful springboard to capture even greater opportunities with customers worldwide.

Hydro Havrand’s ambition is to be the leading provider of industrial fuel switch solutions – to be the ones that find the better and faster routes for our customers in their energy transitions.
– Per Christian Eriksen
Head of Hydro Havrand

Havrand’ is a Norwegian word that describes the line where the ocean meets the sky – like the horizon, but specifically at sea level. In days gone by, seafarers bravely traveled beyond the limit of what they could see to find better and faster routes. Today it is crucial that we act with urgency to find ways to make the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy.