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Hydro Paragominas: historical record in HSE

Bauxite mine in Pará has been 2 and 270 thousand hours without work accidents with leave. The goal is to reach Zero Accident.

The last day of September 5 had a special meaning for Hydro Paragominas, in Pará. On that day, the company registered a record mark in its history: 2 million 270 thousand hours without lost time accidents (LTI) ).

It is the first time that the company has achieved such a long period of work without accidents, which was possible thanks to the company's commitment to occupational health and safety management, and also to the involvement of all its employees. own and hired in pursuit of the Zero Accident goal.

The Occupational Safety supervisor, Alexsandro Oliveira, highlights the effort undertaken by Hydro Paragominas to divulge safety among employees as a value and not as an obligation. A work of respect for life.

“They are creating a culture of security”, he celebrates. Alexsandro highlights the various initiatives of the company to make employees aware that the Zero Accident goal is possible, such as the Responsible Attitude Program (PAR), which covers both its own and outsourced employees.

The Health and Safety manager, Marcos de Deus, explains that for the result to be achieved, a study was carried out on the accidents and incidents of the previous years and, based on that, an objective was set to reduce these events.

“We understand the need for a team that is increasingly active in the area and technically trained. To this end, we are investing in specific training in the area of Occupational Safety and Health (OHS), intensifying inspections in areas with the greatest involvement of contractors and command lines, making use of Hydro's tools and guidelines. ”

The record is also recognized by the company's operational areas. For the Manager of Mobile Equipment Maintenance, Cláudio Morgado, these two million, two hundred and seventy thousand hours without lost time accidents are of great relevance for a team that deals daily with high risk activities and that always works for safety. “It shows that we are on the right path, but it is a brand that cannot stop and we are also working on it.”

The record was celebrated at a special lunch with live music in the Hydro Paragominas cafeterias.

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