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The kickoff of the opening game, which took place on the eve of the anniversary, was given by the governor of Pará, Simão Jatene, and by the director of operations in the area of Bauxite and Alumina at Hydro, Fernando Henriques Simões, proof of how much the investment of Hydro was important for the local society.

The stadium was named "Arena do Município Verde", in recognition of the city's progress in the environmental area, which in the past was among the Brazilian cities with the most difficult conditions in this area.

Despite the heavy rain that fell in the city during the inauguration, thousands of people were present to watch the game between the Paragominas team and the Paysandu team, one of the biggest in the state of Pará. Even with the good performance on the field of the local team, the game ended with the victory of the visiting team by the score of 1 to 0.

Construction of the stadium began in mid-2006 and Hydro invested R $ 8 million in the work, located in an area of more than 43 thousand square meters. The football field today is more than ready to host great games.

For João Elias Bentes, coordinator in the area of Social Responsibility at Hydro Paragominas, the arena "represents an invaluable gain for the municipality, which may reinforce its sporting potential, and for Hydro, which will have another space to develop new ones. social projects that will assist children and adolescents ".

João Elias points out that Hydro Paragominas also plans to implement in the municipality a project similar to the "Bola pra Frente", already developed by Hydro Alunorte, in Barcarena. The project uses sports activities to encourage student performance, including the participation in the Norwegian Cup, one of the largest children's and youth football tournaments in the world, which takes place in Oslo.

Important partnerships

The mayor of Paragominas, Adnan Demachki, pointed out that the partnership with Hydro was essential for the construction of the stadium.

"The company is with us as the director of this project, as it understands that sport is a great motivator of youth. In addition, the entire region will benefit because Paragominas will be able to host regional and even international competitions, according to the Pará Federation itself Football, "said Demachki.

Another important announcement during the city's anniversary was the launch of NavegaPará in Paragominas. The state program aims to promote social inclusion using IT, which includes offering free wireless internet access to the population. In order to expand the program, the IT department of the State of Pará and Hydro Paragominas signed a technical cooperation agreement that authorizes the government to use two pairs of the optical fiber that runs along the bauxite pipeline.

The partnership guarantees 240 kilometers of optical fiber for NavegaPará. As the pipeline links the mine located in Paragominas to the Hydro Alunorte refinery in Barcarena, the cities of Tomé-Açu, Concórdia do Pará and Acará will also have access to the free internet generated by the program, benefiting thousands of inhabitants. Quilombola communities, with whom Hydro Paragominas maintains a good dialogue and develops several projects, will also benefit from internet coverage in a future stage of the program.

The city of Paragominas already has some areas with free internet access and others will be created to increase the number of people benefited by the program.

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