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Located in the state of Pará, the Alunorte alumina refinery, partly owned by Hydro, recently suffered power outages that resulted in production interruption.

On May 18th, Alunorte had a blackout in its electricity supply system due to an unexpected external event and, as a result, the factory suffered a partial blackout of electricity.


Then, on June 2, while Alunorte was working to stabilize and resume production, it suffered another blackout because of an external event unrelated to the previous one.

The events caused the interruption of alumina production and Alunorte is not yet in a position to resume full-scale production.

Alunorte's production will be lower in the entire second quarter compared to the levels observed in the first quarter of the year and it is expected to maintain unsatisfactory levels throughout the rest of the year. As a general measure, Hydro has assembled a team of specialists to stabilize and increase the refinery's production.

Alunorte has a nominal capacity of 6.3 million tons and is considered the largest alumina refinery in the world.

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