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Students teach mothers how to use iPads

Hydro project students in Pará switched places with professors in honor.

For several women from Paragominas, in the northeast of Pará, the surprises of Mother's Day began today, 9/5, and in a very different way from the traditional one. They had a class with iPads, taught by their own children, who participate in the “iPad Caseca” project. The technology class was the way found by children and teenagers to show how the initiative has made a difference in their lives.

Implemented in January of this year, in a room at the Center for Socio-Educational Actions for Children and Adolescents (Caseca), the project developed by Hydro, in partnership with the Paragominas city hall and Hydro union members in Norway, has been stimulating the learning of young. The “student-teachers” are, in fact, the students who stood out during classes and today participate in the monitoring. One of them, 7-year-old Josemir, had not learned to read or write until the beginning of the year, but he just joined the project to quickly master the iPad and become one of the child monitors. He has also started to learn the first words and knows how to write his name. “He improved a lot at school and also in behavior. He's attentive and exercising his memory a lot ”, celebrates the boy's mother, Sueli Maciel da Silva.

Fátima Carvalho, coordinator of “iPads Caseca”, explains that the technology class arose from the interest of mothers of students in tablets, after following the children's excitement in the project. The activity opened the schedule of tributes at Caseca. "Our goal was to provide mothers with a different day, giving them access to technology that is still little known in the city, but that their children already use," explained José Haroldo Paula, Hydro Paragominas' Communication and Social Responsibility manager.

“It was great to be here with him today. I learned to play, to color, I really enjoyed being able to use the device, which contributes a lot to my son's development. The project is to be congratulated ”, concluded Sueli Maciel da silva

Project - The “iPads Caseca” is developed through the use of applications (apps) and a pedagogical plan divided into modules, developed especially for children and teenagers at Caseca. The classes, which include Portuguese and English, serve to encourage interest in studies. Arts, games and logic exercises are also among the topics discussed in the classroom.

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