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For the first time, the company is named the best in the Mining sector in the publication, which presents the profile of the 500 largest companies in the country. Located in the municipality of Paragominas, in northeastern Pará, the bauxite mine plays a key role in the integrated production chain that Hydro, a global aluminum company, maintains in the state. & Nbsp;
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To reach the ranking, the magazine carried out a detailed study and analysis of 3,000 company balance sheets and 80,000 financial indicators. The work was done in partnership with the Foundation for Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research - FIPECAFI, of the University of São Paulo. For the director of Operations for the Bauxite and Alumina Area, Silvio Porto, the award reflects Hydro's investment in operational excellence, which has been present since the beginning of the production chain, where the ore is mined. “Having the best mining company in Brazil shows that Hydro bets on Pará and bets on aluminum as the metal of the future,” says Porto.
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The award ceremony for Best and Biggest 2016 was held on June 29, at Teatro Santander, in São Paulo (SP). On the occasion, the magazine awarded the companies that stood out in 20 sectors of the economy in 2015, in addition to the best in agribusiness and the Company of the Year, which was chosen by Telefônica. The winners were the companies that showed the greatest efficiency and best strategy in difficult and uncertain economic times. "In this award, we see examples of companies, professionals and consumers working and looking for solutions to make the economy and the country continue to function and manage to overcome this crisis", said in his speech Henrique Meirelles, Minister of Finance to the executives attending the ceremony . & nbsp;
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To overcome market challenges, Hydro Paragominas had a differential in employee engagement. “We have visible leadership, with managers working very closely at all operational levels. This makes 100% of the team understand the company's objectives and work together to achieve them, achieving expressive results ”, points out Anderson Cerceau, industrial director of the bauxite mine. "It is an honor to know that our work contributed to this moment and we are sure that we will continue to dedicate ourselves so that the company remains among the best next year," said operator Glaucia Nascimento, who represented the more than 1,400 employees at the event. / span>
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About the mine - The bauxite mined in Paragominas is transported in the form of pulp by a pioneer 244 km ore pipeline that crosses seven municipalities until it reaches the largest alumina refinery in the world, Hydro Alunorte, in Barcarena, also in Pará. In the same municipality, alumina is used as a raw material in the primary aluminum plant Albras, where Hydro is the majority shareholder. Together, these companies are one of the strongest examples of verticalization currently in the State.
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Hydro Paragominas mines around 15.2 million annually tons of ore and has a production capacity of 9.9 million tons of bauxite per year, a number that has already been exceeded in 2015. With the current production pace, the deposits, in Paragominas, allow mining activities to have a useful life of approximately 41 years, in a process aligned with the best environmental and operational safety practices.
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