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On October 9, Hydro launched its new institutional campaign, which values Pará and the aluminum produced by the people of Pará, reinforcing the company's institutional positioning - “Para Semper”. The video, featuring Morten Harket, lead singer of the Norwegian band a-ha and an artist known to be engaged in socio-environmental issues, and directed by the renowned Norwegian video maker Ray Kay, is being released on the internet and on the state's open TV stations.

The production was filmed entirely in Pará. Morten, Ray Kay and a team of Norwegian and Brazilian technicians recorded at Hydro units in Barcarena, Paragominas and in tourist places in Belém, such as Theatro da Paz, Ilha do Combú and Mercado do Ver-o-Peso.

When recording the commercial, Morten talked about his fascination with the state. “Since I was a child, this place has fascinated me. A magical place with incredible demonstrations of life ”, he said. The video goes on air a year after the a-ha band's arrival in the state for two shows promoted by Hydro in the cities of Barcarena and Paragominas, events that brought together more than 25 thousand people and resulted in the collection of 9 thousand school kits in exchange for tickets.

The commercial shows the merger between Brazil and Norway on Amazonian soil, reveals Alberto Fabrini Jr., executive vice president of Bauxita & amp; Hydro's alumina. “It tells our story, showing that development and sustainability can - and should - go together. After all, we are a company originally Norwegian and proudly from Pará. It is not for nothing that our institutional positioning in Brazil is called Para Semper. We are in Pará to stay ”, emphasizes the executive.

Anderson Baranov, director of Government Relations and Communication at Hydro, recalls that the video reinforces the work that the company has been doing to inform and raise public awareness about the prominent role that Pará also plays in Brazil and in the aluminum market . “In respect for our audiences and the society from Pará that welcomes us with open arms, we want to show our work with pride and the certainty that we are doing our best”, he comments. To watch the commercial, access Hydro's global YouTube channel.

Backstage recording

The video was produced over 21 days, involving three national and international work teams. The behind the scenes of this work also are in a video published on YouTube .

The presence of Morten in tourist places caused a great uproar among fans of the band and the musician returned the affection of the people from Pará posing for photos and signing autographs.

The commercial is directed by Norwegian video maker Ray Kay, famous in the international artistic scene and who has been working with Hydro for some years. & nbsp; This was the director's third visit to Brazil, but the first with the opportunity to get to know the region better. “Nature is what impressed me the most. The forests, the rivers, all the good fish and the fruit made the trip very pleasant ”, he reveals.

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