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The event took place in Miami, in the United States, and also had the presence of Hydro's B & amp; A directors: Anderson Baranov, Government Relations and Communication; Rafael Costa, Technology; and Simon Storesund, Comercial.

During the conference, subjects such as market trends, the situation of the industry in different countries, the political and economic impacts and the future of the sector were discussed.

“This event is one of the most important for the Bauxite & amp; Alumina, because it brings together all the big suppliers and the big companies that participate in this challenging market. It was good to get even more knowledge about how the market behaves today and still have forecasts for the future of the industry. And from what we saw here, we are taking the right actions towards the sector ”, declared Silvio Porto.

For EVP, Hydro's good positioning benefits not only the company, but also the aluminum sector in Brazil, since it also serves as president of the Brazilian Aluminum Association - Abal. “Hydro, as a sponsor of the Conference, was highlighted before our stakeholders, which helps to strengthen our image and our activities for the future”, he concluded.

The Bauxite & amp; Alumina is organized by Metal Bulletin, the largest meeting organizer of the metal industries in the world, planning these events for over 30 years and bringing together more than 10,000 experts from 2,300 organizations and 140 countries every year.


“It is important for us to have the most recent information about the market, to listen to experts and at an event like this we have the opportunity to participate in several meetings and learn more about the risks and opportunities that are emerging,” stated the Commercial Director at Hydro's B & A, Simon Storesund.

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