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In a joint effort with state and municipal bodies, on Friday, February 23, Hydro Alunorte started distributing drinking water to the communities of Vila Nova, Burajuba and Bom Futuro, starting delivery to the area closest to the refinery. More than 8 thousand gallons of 20 liters per week will be delivered, totaling 162 thousand liters per week.

Throughout the day, meetings were held with community leaders for clarification.

Hydro Alunorte also collaborates with the same communities to find solutions that provide permanent access to drinking water.

On the same date, the company was visited by authorities, among them the mayor of Barcarena, state and federal deputies and environmental agencies, representatives of the community and other entities to discuss the company's operation in the region.

At the same time, a committee was created with representatives of municipal bodies and for planning and permanent monitoring of the next actions.
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