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Hydro launches new program to develop suppliers in Pará

Hydro launched the new Local Supplier Development Program, this Friday (08/31), at the headquarters of the Federation of Industries of the State of Pará, a partner of the action through the REDES - Innovation and Economic Sustainability initiative.

On the occasion, the company presented in detail the operation of the program and representatives of companies from Pará signed the term of commitment that guarantees participation in this first edition. The executive vice president of Bauxita & amp; Company alumina, John Thuestad, was at the event to greet the participants.

The executive explained that the objective of the program is to empower companies and, at the same time, stimulate the economic development of Pará. "Together we can operate our businesses with a high standard of quality with best practices and in an efficient manner", declared Thuestad .

He also highlighted the company's actions and the dialogue with authorities and communities to restore 100% of Alunorte's production, in Barcarena, and the lessons learned from the extreme February rains, which resulted in the decision to make even more robust the water treatment systems inside the refinery.

The REDES initiative management executive, Marcel Moraes de Souza, stressed the importance of the company's new program: “It is important to implement new knowledge for the business class, qualifying chain suppliers. The project is very important for entrepreneurial awareness, ”he said.

Local businessmen celebrated the initiative after signing the term of commitment. Marinaldo Corrêa, of the company Movimento, says that “this is a great opportunity to improve our processes”, commented him, who has been a supplier for Hydro companies in Barcarena for ten years. Elinalda Silva, from supplier Jarbs, believes that the program will mean a leap in quality for her company, today with 50 employees: “it is important to have this exchange of experiences and access to new knowledge”.

The initiative represents a leap in quality in management, with a structured and sequenced program lasting one year in this first edition. Participants will be trained in three training modules in the administrative, commercial and operational areas, in addition to having coaching and mentoring support throughout the training. “This initiative is much more than just an investment in our suppliers. It is practically a postgraduate course, an MBA, at no cost to the supplier ”, explained Eduardo Kaiser, Hydro's Supplier Governance and Quality manager (photo above). As part of the performance evaluation, suppliers will present an action plan at the end of the program with a focus on improving the quality of the services provided, which will also contribute to increasing the competitiveness of companies and the socioeconomic development of the state of Pará.

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