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Hydro presents sustainable solutions

Product portfolio focused on solutions that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings will be presented at an event at SindusCon-SP

The responsible for the Civil Construction Marketing area at Hydro, Cíntia Figueiredo, participates in the Workshop "Solutions in Energy and Water Efficiency of Buildings", which takes place at the headquarters of SindusCon-SP (Civil Construction Industry Union of the State of São Paulo) this Thursday (06.12). She will present the corporate portfolio and a brief description of the different typologies of the institutional mix during the panel “Window Frames with a focus on Energy Efficiency”, scheduled to start at 1:40 pm.

The presentation will promote a debate on the infinite possibility of recycling aluminum, where the energy consumption required for its production is reduced to 5% in relation to the production of primary metal and provides a 5% reduction in CO2 emissions, in addition to several architectural elements that can contribute to energy efficiency of buildings and the sustainability of green buildings - such as brises (elements external to the façade designed to provide shading of the glazed areas and, thus, provide thermal comfort that avoids the use of air conditioning) and light shelves (internal elements that help in the distribution of natural lighting in the environments and thereby help to save energy).

“We have the possibility of fully integrating our Citta, Unit and Eco Façade facades with horizontal and vertical windshields and also light shelves. We can also develop thermal break profiles in the Única line and put double glazing in several lines, such as Proditiva 25, Elegance, Nova Gold and Única, which can even accommodate internal blinds ”, analyzes Cíntia Figueiredo.

It will also be mentioned that aluminum is widely used in frames, because the extrusion process allows the execution of profiles with refined details that guarantee an excellent performance of the products. For example, it is possible to place channels for perfect fitting of other profiles and components. Other important points are the infinity of surface finishes possible through electrostatic painting and anodizing, durability and ease of maintenance.

“The correct specification and application of frames in the works are key activities when we evaluate the sustainability of buildings. They can determine how much buildings can gain and lose heat, can receive natural lighting and ventilation, in addition to gaining sound insulation. Hydro develops and markets the most complete and best lines of residential, commercial and architectural complements, which solve different situations for projects and support the elaboration and dissemination of content to increase technical awareness on this topic ”, concludes Cíntia.

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