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The action is part of the advances in innovation that is part of the Brazil-Norway Biodiversity Research Consortium (BRC), which had four other distinct researches presented at the event. The work brought together three graduates from the Federal Rural University of the Amazon (UFRA), led by Jéssy Senado, and was co-authored by Hydro's Environmental Analyst, Giuliana de Souza, under the coordination of UFRA professors, Gracialda Ferreira and Marcos André Piedade Gama. & Nbsp;

The unprecedented research surprised the approach of the theme, considering that in general studies related to ecological restoration are usually focused on vegetation as a priority. In this case, scholars have identified the need to deepen soil analyzes and not just vegetation. “We identified by logic that, at first, the importance of a restored, structured soil, provides a better restoration of the ecosystem. The soil of the recovered areas was evaluated using traditional planting and natural regeneration techniques, this technique being more economical, presenting results as efficient as traditional planting ”, explains Giuliana de Souza, Environmental Analyst at Hydro. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

For the study's author, Jéssy Senado, all the works presented by Hydro aroused wide interest among researchers, students, scholars and companies attending the event, reinforcing the company's concern with ecological restoration, carried out in the region of Mineração Paragominas since 2009. “Our work innovated by demonstrating that the two variables (soil and vegetation) are important for monitoring and restoring soil and not only vegetation, especially for areas where mining is practiced”, emphasizes Jéssy Senado, which will conclude the graduation in Forest Engineering at UFRA next year. & nbsp;

The works were voted on by 500 registrants in the Conference, who participated in the selection of the winner directly in the Sobre application with online voting during the event.

Award-winning study at the Ecological Restoration Conference: Chemical attributes in soils under recovery after Bauxite Mining, Paragominas (PA) / Authors:

Jéssy Anni Vilhena Senado (Federal Rural University of the Amazon - UFRA)

Giuliana Mara Patricio de Souza (Mineração Paragominas)

Isabelly Cristine de Brito Pereira (UFRA)

Lilianne Fontel Cunha (UFRA)

Gracialda Costa Ferreira (Prof. Responsável - UFRA)

Marcos André Piedade Gama (Prof. Responsável - UFRA)

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